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Documentary reflexion

Overall I’m rather pleased with the outcome of our documentary. I always felt that we had a very intresting character which perhaps made the edit easier. It also however made the edit harder as there was so much that had to be left out in order to make it just 3 minutes long. I do really like editing and I had the role of editing the final piece.

There were a few things which could have been improved. When filming we could of perhaps of filmed more cut away shots which would have made the editing easier. I did have a few problems and ended up using images taken on our first visit to Mr. Lackey’s home. This did turn out better than originally anitcipated as there were some good shots of the world record which were easily keyframed.

The original feedback that I got after the first showing of the draft edit was rather good. People did like what we did and the shots that were used. Framing however was a key issue that was presented to me and in the final edit I had to wireframe the video in order to make it appear more aesthiclly pleasing. This took away some of the image qualiy but not as much as you would notice unless you really looked.

The audio was clear and concise, and that I feel is the most important part to making a documentary. With bad sound it takes away what the story is about and would make viewers not want to watch it. If anything the sound could of been perhaps a little louder but overall I felt the sound was good.

The message that we were trying to put across I felt worked quite well. I wanted to show him as the nice guy that he is. I felt that I should go with the view that he was doing it for a good cause and the emotion he puts into it which showed towards the end of the documentary and shows his continuing ambition to wing walk to help others which leaves you feeling warm inside. I also wanted to portray that wing walking is great fun and he shows by what he says with the enthusiasm and proudness he gives that is great fun to do.

I have learnt alot whilst making this documentary and more so I have really enjoyed making it. Perhaps some things wern’t as good as I liked such as the burnt out back of head of Tom Lackey, the framing and what is in the shot. These were things that I noticed would need to improve and would be something I would work hard in the next time I do a sit down interview.

I now hope for a good apraisal on our documentary when showing, otherwise I would have felt I failed where I thought I had succeeded.


Tom Lackey – Flying the wings

Finished documentary

Here is our final edit of our documentary:

Rough Cut of our documentary

Here is a rough cut of our documentary. As it stands I am not entirely happy with the edit and several things need to be changed in order to make it more appealing and enjoyable.

Please note: This does not represent our final edit and expect the final version to be different.

Editing our documentary.

On tuesday I managed to get hold of the footage that we filmed. From this we thought it would be best if we all did our own edit of the documentary and from this we would decide on the best of the three and either pick one or integrate parts of each others documentary into one final film.

On seeing the footage since we filmed, I like the camera angle and the sound. I did think however with there being a picture of his granddaughter in the shot kinds of draws your eyes away from Tom Lackey. This didn’t really cross my mind when shooting the film but on reflexion perhaps either a picture of him wing walking or a model plane would have suited better and made it more relevant.

Tom Lackey whilst being interviewed.

As you can see the photo is quite prominent from this shot from the interview. Hopefully it won’t distract the viewers from Mr Lackey himself as he has some interesting things to say.

The footage we got was over 30 minutes. We wanted to be thorough and get everything we wanted. Whittling down the footage to just 3minutes wont prove particularly easy but I have to say that I do like editing and trying to give everything a nice crisp feel to it. I have to say cut away shots do need to be included to help fuse the footage together but will do everything I can to make everything relevant.

Filming our documentary

On Friday 18th February 2011 we went to Shirley, Birmingham to film 90 year old Tom Lackey for our documentary. As he was when we first met him he was polite and patient. Obviously there were a few problems we can came across when filming him. His hearing was something that wasn’t great and did prove a bit of a liability when asking him questions. I was stood behind the camera whilst interviewing mr lackey and did have to ask the questions sometimes two or three times and sometimes i really had to shout. This also lead to him moving from his position and therefore would make the edit less aesthetically pleasing. We also had to remind him not to look into the camera but sadly he continued to do so.

Of course there were also huge positives to take when filming. We managed to get a huge insight into his life and on his wing walking experiences. He talked about what it was like to get on top of a plane and fly around. He told us his reasons for doing wing walking and the records he broke. We also asked him about the his role he played in WWII and how he served in Norway with the Commandos.

After the interview we did various cut away shots and we politely kept talking and kept the conversation going. We found out that he was based in Lincolnshire before he got shipped off to Norway. With myself being from Lincoln i then found out that we had far more in common than originally thought. It wasn’t until we left where I thought it was a shame that this conversation wasn’t captured on film. He had many more stories to tell and one particular one which he didn’t tell us until I noticed that something wasn’t quite right. Being from Lincoln I know that a huge majority of regiments in the area went to Africa and I didn’t understand how he went to Norway. It turned out that he himself thought he was going to Africa. He got given all the clothing you would expect to get when going to Africa even the training was desert warfare-esque. It wasn’t until he was sailing north that he was told that he was going to Norway. The regiments didn’t know and the MoD used this as a tactical ploy to confuse the Nazi’s but it confused Mr. Lackey a hell of a lot more.

The footage is now in the editing stage and will piece together the footage to make a nice fluent and enjoyable documentary.

Meeting Tom Lackey

Today Michael Abley, Sophie Lees and myself (Dicken Richards) met Tom Lackey for the first time and I just have to say the guy is a truly amazing man. He is a family man, a WWII veteran, ran his own business for many years and now a wing walker which he didn’t start until he was 81 years of age. Lackey is over 90 years old and is a true gentleman. Today we found out about his life and who he really is. You would think at being 90 years old his days are past him and his stories have been told but we found out that he plans to cross the English Channel once more whilst wing walking in May 2011.

His life was so full of stories and the best thing about it was that it wasn’t just the traditional old people rambling. Perhaps I feel a little bad about just concentrating on such a small portion of his life but sadly only have 3 minutes in which to fit it into.

Tom Lackey

Tom Lackey had always wanted to be a pilot but during WWII he had no option but to become a commando. His older  brother also wanted to be a pilot and was given the unsavoury task of flying a bomber during the Battle of Britain. Tom had the option to join him but his brother sadly lost his life before they could work together.

After the War Tom Lackey became a fully qualified pilot however, it wasn’t until he was 81 when a friend won the chance to do some plane aerobatics. Tom was offered the place instead as his friend was too scared to carry out the stunts. The adrenaline rush he got from doing such stunts as barrel rolls and loop-the-loops was a great experience for him with the stunt pilot rather impressed and this lead to the stunt pilot to suggest wing walking.

Like many people Lackey didn’t know much if anything about wing walking but was very intrigued by the idea. So at the age of 81 Tom Lackey took to the skies as a wing walker. Since doing these stunts he has met many people such as Vera Lynn and Pauline Quirke.

His home is just littered with rewards, recognitions and without doubt the best aviation picture I have ever seen, People playing tennis on the wings of a plane in flight.

Tom Lackey was more than happy to let us film a documentary about his wing walking escapades. After we figure out quite how to film everything we will contact Mr Lackey, hopefully within the next few days to arrange to film him.

Tom Lackey – Oldest Wing Walker

For our documentary we managed to get hold of Tom Lackey, who holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest ever wing walker. At the age of 90 years and 5 months he flew himself into the record books by beating his own world record set a year or so prior to his latest wing walk.

Tom Lackey

Tom lackey

Born –  May 22nd 1920

Lives – Shirley, Solihull.

Wing Walks – 20+

Did first wing walk in his 80’s

2005 – Became oldest man to do a loop the loop whilst on top of an aircraft.

2009 – Became oldest man to wing walk across the English Channel as part of centenary celebrations of the 1st flight across the Channel by Louis Bleriot.

2011 – Became oldest man to wing walk at 90 years 5 months.

Money raised to date – £1.25million

Tom Lackey - Flying himself into the record books.

Worlds Best Rapper


Standing flush on the mountain floor.

Where predators rush and predators soar.

Snowy peaks and desert sand.

The place is sleek, I know of a land.

For those who strike, for those who pounce.

This is the site where it really counts.

The bang goes once, the second one in.

Where did these animals get their sin?

A soldierly blow, a soldierly strike.

Which one of these animals is here to fight?

The ground turns grey, the ground turns black.

For thats when they turn defence into attack.

The solemn hunter, he’s been there for years.

They come on four feet without their headgear.

They lead from the front, they lead with their teeth.

No need to look behind them, not even beneath.

A killer blow, an easy confirm.

For the one that’s down, not even a squirm.

So which one is which, I really don’t know.

Both in the same country, just ones in the snow.

They fight for their food, they fight for their freedom.

But I very much doubt that they fight there in tandem.

Documentary treatment.

At first when I was going to do my documentary about the life of an army troop I thought I would go on the aspect of how bad it is to be in the army. Things like missing Christmas and being in the middle of a war zone with your life constantly on the line. I then realised that my subject loves the army and everything about it. I’ve never heard a single bad thing mentioned about it. He seems to love every aspect of army life.

Second on the right.

Speaking to him about whats happening in Egypt with the riots and the turmoils thats there. He wanted to be apart of it, get in the thick of the trouble and show what he could do. He loves the action, he loves the conflict and he is the perfect soldier for any regiment to have.
So the angle in which I would approach this would be to ask him what he loves about being in the army. It would be all positive almost perceived as propaganda, but is just one man’s view on how he loves his job.


Documentary Idea

To get a good story and character across you have to pick just the right person. I was thinking on doing my documentary about soldiers in Afghanistan. The have plenty of stories and opinions which makes for an interesting watch. I know a soldier in the Army who is currently in Afghan. The documentary will highlight daily life and how much of a struggle things like temperature and hygiene are. It will also highlight the fun parts of being over there and the perks such as respect from everyone over here.