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The Jerry Springer Show

The Jerry Springer Show 1991 – Present

Jerry Springer


The Jerry Springer Show was first aired in America on September 30th 1991 and has since aired over 3000 shows. Over the years it has become highly successful with cameos on Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged me (1999) and The Simpsons and having an Opera entitled Jerry Springer The Opera (2003).

The Jerry Springer Show is an American multi-camera talk show about the lives of everyday people and is shot in Connecticut, USA. Although shot in front of a studio audience the show itself is not aired live.

The show is a commercial institution today owned by a major company called NBC Universal who is part of General Electric and its low budget (Other than Springer himself) allows the show to make alot of money.In America the viewing figures are around 1.5million daily.Today the show is aired in many countries and re-runs are also played to allow the company to make more money without too much effort. It aims to get viewers by trying to shock them and humiliate their guests. A warning is now added before every show to warn viewers that there maybe adult scenes and themes throughout the show. Sound effects are added to the show such as a boxing bell to try and signal that a fight is about to start. Little effort is ever put into stopping them other than a couple of security guards to jump in if it gets pretty nasty.

The guests are not paid to come on the show as they are members of the public, this adds to the unpredictability of the show which has made is so popular. Each episode will have a different theme i.e. “Porn Star & Angry mom” And “Guess What? I’m really a man.”

The set is built in away to appear to be a in a warehouse almost industrial, with bricks and windows being the main stage set. It’s set like this to show that the people that come on the show are generally working class and live an almost sub-par life. The staging is also big enough to accommodate a a fight so that they dont get involved with the audience and a fair few other people such as security guards and camera men so that they can get close to a fight should it happen.

Ironically the demographic for the show is the same as they want to be on the show. This is so it keeps coming up with new guests that watch the show and also that the working class are more likely to watch as they are the same people who want to know about celebrities and their trials and tribulations, and would therefore want to know about somebody’s 15 minutes of fame. After 20 years it’s hard to know why there are still an abundance of people trying to get on the show, but Springer said,¬†“We are probably the only show that grows its own guests.” Which helps emphasise the reasons why it shouldn’t change it’s style to fit a different demographic as it may be it’s own demise. The language of the guests is also one of which the viewers can relate to. the way that they speak and act may also be similar to the people watching.

At the end of each show Jerry Springer has a “final thought,” This is to try and give a serious notion to the show as it is some peoples everyday problems, no matter how funny it is to other people. It shows that the show has direction and Springer tries to reach conclusions and shows if you would act in the same way if it happened to you.


Street Art

Street Art was arguably the first form of art that ever existed. Cave men drew on the walls and although simple told a story and had meaning. They drew on walls mainly due to not having anything else to draw on. As these marking were drawn and scratched on it is also considered to be graffiti. Graffiti is something we associate with crime and unsocial behaviour, however we have grown up to believe this when its not entirely true. Essentially graffiti and street art is the same thing and all has meaning and purpose.


Earliest of all Street art. Graffiti?

Over the last few years street art has had a big boom in positive media and is less related to gangs and crime as it was during the 1970’s. This is not to say that the majority of street art is still illegal and can still be persecuted for it. Exhibits of street art are now quite in abundance due to its rise and therefore making it more legal and beneficial to society. Banksy’s ¬†rise saw his work get its very own exhibition in a somewhat controversial manner as people saw this illegal act get praise, however street art is where it is today because of him.


Banksy at the Gaza wall. Its not as beautiful as it looks

This piece by Banksy was taken on the Gaza wall. It shows a man ripping back the curtain to reveal and oasis on the other side. Why is there a wall in the first place? Gaza was blockaded from Israel because of Gaza’s political regime. Hamas (who run the country) are considered to be a terrorist organisation that run an entire country and the Gaza Strip has been at loggerheads for many years with Israel due to political and religious beliefs. On the other side of this wall is a blocked nation with war and terror being part of their daily regime. Banksy believes that if something is not yours then go get your view across on how you want things to be. He wants Gaza to be at peace and he shows what a beautiful place it can be.

Art should be about the time and place. This piece of art wouldn’t have been so effective is done at Disney Land or if this was done should Gaza and Israel be at peace. Without a time and place then art can loose its meaning and demeanour.


West Bank separation barrier. Perhaps the most religious place on Earth.

This street art shows violence in a different way..This is almost a typical Banksy piece of street art. It shows two different perspectives of the same thing. The tossing of flowers shows love but the clothing suggests that he should be throwing a petrol bomb or a grenade. Your eyes are not overly drawn to the person but drawn to the flowers that he is throwing. The vibrant colours suggest that this is the piece of the art that you should take notice of. The multitude of colours suggests peace and love as they are colours of which you associate with warmth.

The person throwing the flowers is a mob member, typicalised by the reversed baseball cap, scarf covering his face and the dark colours in which he is dressed. His eyes suggest that he is determined to cause damage. Done on the West Bank, this also shows that even the most religious place on Earth, the very place where peace is all they ever want, is infact in conflict with religious people causing the trouble but not looking typically religious.


The quirkiness and enjoyment of the art still has a meaning

I do like this picture, mainly because of its quirkiness. It shows that even drains need cleaning time to time. it’s original aswell which also help make this art better aswell as the vibrant colours which draw your eye.

People always want something new and interesting no matter what it is, it could be a new tasting apple or just like in 1917 when Duchamp turned a toilet seat upside down entitled ‘Fountain’. People are curious and will pay for the pleasure and in this ever changing world the new and the bizarre becomes harder to do. Street art has just as much meaning perhaps more than any other art due to there being no limits on where you do it which adds context.