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Documentary reflexion

Overall I’m rather pleased with the outcome of our documentary. I always felt that we had a very intresting character which perhaps made the edit easier. It also however made the edit harder as there was so much that had to be left out in order to make it just 3 minutes long. I do really like editing and I had the role of editing the final piece.

There were a few things which could have been improved. When filming we could of perhaps of filmed more cut away shots which would have made the editing easier. I did have a few problems and ended up using images taken on our first visit to Mr. Lackey’s home. This did turn out better than originally anitcipated as there were some good shots of the world record which were easily keyframed.

The original feedback that I got after the first showing of the draft edit was rather good. People did like what we did and the shots that were used. Framing however was a key issue that was presented to me and in the final edit I had to wireframe the video in order to make it appear more aesthiclly pleasing. This took away some of the image qualiy but not as much as you would notice unless you really looked.

The audio was clear and concise, and that I feel is the most important part to making a documentary. With bad sound it takes away what the story is about and would make viewers not want to watch it. If anything the sound could of been perhaps a little louder but overall I felt the sound was good.

The message that we were trying to put across I felt worked quite well. I wanted to show him as the nice guy that he is. I felt that I should go with the view that he was doing it for a good cause and the emotion he puts into it which showed towards the end of the documentary and shows his continuing ambition to wing walk to help others which leaves you feeling warm inside. I also wanted to portray that wing walking is great fun and he shows by what he says with the enthusiasm and proudness he gives that is great fun to do.

I have learnt alot whilst making this documentary and more so I have really enjoyed making it. Perhaps some things wern’t as good as I liked such as the burnt out back of head of Tom Lackey, the framing and what is in the shot. These were things that I noticed would need to improve and would be something I would work hard in the next time I do a sit down interview.

I now hope for a good apraisal on our documentary when showing, otherwise I would have felt I failed where I thought I had succeeded.


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