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Margaret Baker – Presentation Reflexion

Our group presented what we have done and our characters life during the Second World War. It was done the standard way with a powerpoint presentation and a script to support it. Our group was the first group to do our presentation which I felt gave us a huge advantage as we would have most peoples ears and peoples attention would not stray.

Unfortunately not all our group members turned up on time and therefore missed the presentation. We still had a script and altered it slightly to the dismay of most of us as we originally picked the parts we ourselves associated with best.

I felt the script was delivered rather well and received positive feedback from it especially the beginning part where I made a summary of what was going to be said as it was written in the past tense. Also people liked how it was aimed at just one part of her life which gave us more time to consider the finer things. Also people really seemed to like the places where she went such as her church, her school and where she lived were all real places which made her feel more alive and real.

Part of our book - Rita Hayworth pictured

The book that we put together was sent around for the rest of the students to look at as we thought by going through the book as the presentation would bore people and almost take away the realism the character has been given. This also showed our process of how we came up with everything and what we presented was the finished character. By keeping our processes out of the presentation it was told in a way where the story could be real and get people involved.

Our book shows the Propaganda that would've influenced her and the weapons she would have made.

I felt I played a critical role in the presentation. I wrote a script which everybody was happy with and produced a powerpoint with collaboration of someone else doing one. My idea of dressing someone up to play the role of Margaret was one that I really wanted us to do as I felt it would be more enjoyable and more likely to get everyones attention. This however did not happen as no1 was willing to play the role. Sadly however I felt that the presentation would have been almost exactly the same should I have presented it by myself and would have perhaps liked something different in the presentation to show a more team effort.


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