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Worlds Best Rapper


Standing flush on the mountain floor.

Where predators rush and predators soar.

Snowy peaks and desert sand.

The place is sleek, I know of a land.

For those who strike, for those who pounce.

This is the site where it really counts.

The bang goes once, the second one in.

Where did these animals get their sin?

A soldierly blow, a soldierly strike.

Which one of these animals is here to fight?

The ground turns grey, the ground turns black.

For thats when they turn defence into attack.

The solemn hunter, he’s been there for years.

They come on four feet without their headgear.

They lead from the front, they lead with their teeth.

No need to look behind them, not even beneath.

A killer blow, an easy confirm.

For the one that’s down, not even a squirm.

So which one is which, I really don’t know.

Both in the same country, just ones in the snow.

They fight for their food, they fight for their freedom.

But I very much doubt that they fight there in tandem.


One response

  1. Ken Fero


    Apart form the delivery of the poem this had a lot going for it. Quailty of the writing, images, content and concept was good. Overall a good engagement with the task. Keep it up.


    February 22, 2011 at 11:56 pm

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