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Human Resource Video

Filming Day 2 – Human Resources

So today was the second day of our filming for the staff training video for the Human Resource department at Coventry University. With it being the second day of filming, Anne helped out as she made large A3 sized copies of the scripts so the actors could get their words out by looking up and not by looking down. This proved to be a huge beneficiary to the whole shoot.

Tom and Dove pretty much overpowered me into using two cameras for this shoot as they felt it would help with the feel and may work well with editing. I do think it did help but not in an extent that it would benefit us hugely. I could be wrong with this as the edit will be done within the next few weeks.

The cast this week were 3rd year drama students compared to second years as they had their own performance to practice for. The shoot went alot smoother, perhaps because they were better or simply because we were better organised this time round or even a combination of both.

We also had a bigger room in which to shoot today so made changing the set that little bit easier but proved hard with the lighting as we had two cameras rolling at the same time.

Overall I feel that the whole filming process has gone a lot smoother than we initially anticipated and took around 11 hours to set everything up and film 20 clips. Due to to the amount of time we used we may still have more videos to shoot as a result but nothing is final as of yet. A good enjoyable day of filming especially as I knew a few of the cast members so keeping it light hearted but still getting the work done was nice.