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Impact of different media. Assess

The impacts of doing your media on either a television production or on Prezi are very different. Prezi offers you  a new way of presenting things just like powerpoint does but more fun I would say. Tv is a very direct form of media. It doesn’t really rely too much input from the viewer. you can just sit there and enjoy and do very little to soak up the information. Prezi relies on the consumer going out and looking at peoples work and requires reading and clicking which means the viewer is more in touch of whats going on to that of tv. Tv is becoming even more widespread as it has gone onto the internet where you can watch videos and the consumer has more choice and our tv production was intended to be viewed on the internet also.

Both my prezi and tv production were based at children. I think it shows that this new generation have become so accustomed to technology that even at that age they can easily view our content. It shows that even different mediums can be based at the same age group and shows the wide variety that is out there.

With Youtube video variety is at its highest ever and the ever changing technological world gives so many mediums in which to produce in and all can be very effective to different people. By just using one medium you minimise your audience so the more mediums that you use the more chance that your productions will be viewed.


My professional development Assess

Well I was Mr. director for the Live studio sessions which in my professional development really helped me. It gave me more confidence in what I am doing as I felt that I didn’t really think that I was a director. It helped me see the kinks and how to get them sorted more. I think overall my condfidence has been raised more as fellow peers also thought that I would make  a good director and I don’t think I let them down. This has been a huge learning curve for me and I feel in the future that I will have more confidence and my problem solving of such things as where to put a camera will be more quickly recognise and make producing and directing future films or television productions more efficient.

In terms of the working world it has given me more confidence in telling folks what to do without sound like a bit of a douche. I have learned to listen to peoples comments and taken them on board without dismissing them and being stubborn by sticking to my own ideas. I have shown that I have really good inter-personable skills as well as good listening skills in which employers do love very much so.

This module has shown me how to get  artefacts out on numerous amounts of medium such as the internet, tv or even by reinventing them. It shows that I am creative and shows that I have good imagination and can produce bits of inspirational magic in media form and originality.

This module has made me more professional and shows the understandings of the professional media world.

Me in my role for Tv studio fun Assess

1st week March 10

So we decided roles today. We had a bit of fun before hand trying out different roles. People seem to really like as director even though it was not particularly what my first choice would be.
There were a few compliments about the position. The time came to picking what roles we wanted. Director came up – People looked at me so I volunteered, and I got the job.After a unanimous decision we have gone with the children’s show. I then asked people to submit various clips that we could use within our show.

2nd week March 17

Being a director I had to work closely with the producer however we all spawned out ideas and it was my idea about a children’s program that stuck out. we were given a week to decide between  a children’s risks, dangerous jobs or obsessions.

3rd Week March 24

We showed had everyone look at the VTs picked out that was posted on our group wall on Facebook. We picked out ones that we really liked. Also we helped decide on character names and themes. I still manage to make a script – just a random one to work on, work out alright.

4th week March 31st.

A story was in order for this so we got  the producer and presenters along with myself to decide the story. We managed to pick a story line one that was narrative but also still a show directed at kids telling them the right from wrongs. used the same script again. Work out alright. Showed my creative skills with  plasticine once more.

April through May

I’m sure just like everybody else I didn’t really take much notice of this time. I took this to go on holiday and generally have a good time. See I even got buried in the sand. However I did still make a script or two working on the kinks also edited by the Producer Mr. Joe Parker.

Week Don’t Know. April 28.

Script was there but no run through. everyone was raving at home for the Royal Wedding apart from that little girl in the bottom left hand corner.

May 5.

Yeah still no VTs. did a full run through without the  VTs or the actual cast thats not Media. I had fun, kept my calm for the most part. Had fun.

May 11

Still no VT. I laughed loads. Still had to rehearsals. We did good. Even managed a few recordings. Looked alright actually. Even the song had me going. The best bit was trying to direct a game of catch without a ball. Had lots of fun trying to sort that one out.

My Website Asses

When designing a website the first thing that needed to be decided was the layout. I used dreamweaver to help me with my design and they offered various templates that would make things easier for me. I chose  a 2 column fixed, left side bar header and footer layout. and looked something like this.

The Next thing that was needed was a background and I thought that I would make a few designs and then pick what I felt to be the best one. I wanted the design to be small and easily repeated so it wouldn’t almost appear as if It wasn’t meant to be there. The three designs I cam up with were.

From these I chose the red one as the background colour almosts allows the image to be endless as you don’t quite know where the image starts and finishes. Also when I made some margins from the top , bottom and sides of the page. Only 10 pixels but it makes it just that little bit more aesthetically pleasing.

I then added a little logo in the top left hand corner.

I linked the logo to another larger logo so when you clicked on it you could get a better look. A side bar was then needed to help people navigate themselves through the website. I made several little images and then just made the writing white so when you rolled over it it would change colour which makes navigating that little easier. When getting the image the right size to fit within the side bar it took a bit of trial and error, but as soon as that was done others could be added.

I also decided to make the website a little more fun and funky so I made a banner which would be on every page. With the title of the page protruding in front of it.

Why I chose the head of a goat? I don’t really know. I think it just makes it  a bit zany and fun. Also by using Dickie Dick Dick instead of Dicken makes it more casual and appears user friendly.

The website was now taking shape.

Reflection of the Live Impact Sessions Asses

I really enjoyed being the director of Group C’s Live television show. I’m not sure that I would consider myself as a director as I prefer producing and I didn’t feel like I had the eye to get the right angles at the right time but, I have to say I think I did reasonably well. There were a few things which I can see that needed working on however, there were more things in which I was very happy with whilst directing. I felt I made all the right cues at the right time and instructed the camera men, vision mixer, audio mixer and floor manager very well and was helped with good cues on the timing from the PA. I kept a nice clear voice when instructing and having conversations with the camera men to get what I wanted as well as listening to ideas to get things perfect in terms of directing. I remained calm and composed on the day of the filming and I don’t feel I made too many enemies. The directing for certain bits did get to me a bit though. The ‘song’ we had in our production I felt was poorly directed. It wasn’t quite the kind of song I was anticipating and I would have preferred the song to be at the end as originally scripted. I couldn’t get my head round quite how it was going to work in terms of directing and there was never an AV script for the song. This lead to me improvising in just a few rehearsals (as we only had the lollipop lady for one day, but James Root did help out). I think in the end it worked out well enough and what little direction I did give to the presenter and guest  did help. The view of the zebra crossing also didn’t help me much. This was entirely my fault as I directed this for camera 2. When Matt first meets the lollipop lady there is no wide shot and the viewers don’t really know how far apart they are. Camera 2 was fixed on the Zebra crossing until a certain line was said this therefore made it obsolete until that point which did annoy me as we only had a couple of takes with it like that and was too late to change as we had run out of time by that point. The part where the presenters go to the wall that viewers sent in again I think worked quite well. The close ups of the pictures were good and having camera 2 really did help when getting the camera men to switch from person to person or from picture to picture. The mid shots of Matt however does let this part of the show down. I wanted camera 1 as tight as he could possibly be to camera 2 however this barely transpired despite trying to relay this on the talkbacks. The movement of the presenters from the sofa to the wall was smoothly done as we had a line of pictures above the heads of the presenters so they could get there positions without being in shot. Matt’s disappearance also helped by the camera operators as they all moved into Sophie and kept Matt out of shot therefore minimising the chance of a wrong camera revealing what was going on.

The VT’s were very smoothly transitioned. A fade in and out of the VT’s made it just more aesthetically pleasing. By not having straight cuts it showed the viewer that it’s part of the show and almost gives a passage of time effect which I got from Teletubbies of all places. Every time the VT from their bellies fades out there is always a movement in time, just like when we did it. The presenters did very well with keeping to the times which made cutting to them easier. The presenters were ready as were the camera operators who had to move about during the VTs.

Would I do it again? Yes. Would I put more commitment in? If there wasn’t a 5 week break inbetween yes.

Fun though.

Risky Business Live take

Multi Camera rehearsal 2

Here’s another rehearsal from 6/5/11. On our multi camera production again no VTs or credits.

Multi Camera – Risky Business. Rehearsal

Here is a rehearsal of our multi camera production from  6/5/11. The reason for the low resolution was because of the size of the file. A bigger file would have taken far too long to both upload and load. Also this version has no VTs and opening or ending title sequences.

Script for Risky Business

Risky Business script.

The script for our jobby. 

Monday’s Script

Children Risks