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Editing our documentary.

On tuesday I managed to get hold of the footage that we filmed. From this we thought it would be best if we all did our own edit of the documentary and from this we would decide on the best of the three and either pick one or integrate parts of each others documentary into one final film.

On seeing the footage since we filmed, I like the camera angle and the sound. I did think however with there being a picture of his granddaughter in the shot kinds of draws your eyes away from Tom Lackey. This didn’t really cross my mind when shooting the film but on reflexion perhaps either a picture of him wing walking or a model plane would have suited better and made it more relevant.

Tom Lackey whilst being interviewed.

As you can see the photo is quite prominent from this shot from the interview. Hopefully it won’t distract the viewers from Mr Lackey himself as he has some interesting things to say.

The footage we got was over 30 minutes. We wanted to be thorough and get everything we wanted. Whittling down the footage to just 3minutes wont prove particularly easy but I have to say that I do like editing and trying to give everything a nice crisp feel to it. I have to say cut away shots do need to be included to help fuse the footage together but will do everything I can to make everything relevant.


One response

  1. Ken Fero


    Looking forward to seeing this tomorrow.


    March 3, 2011 at 10:11 am

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