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Audio Cheque Flash Mob reflection and evaluation

So we decided to make a flash mob by making someone famous and pretend to be the public who swarm the celebs and have someone get an interview with them. My role was to be a security guard for the celebs. The celebs where a band called Audio Cheque.

The results was this:

The flash mob went reasonably well. We had three attempts at it and every time members of the public were looking around to see what was going on. I feel that we may have needed more people to be apart of it and with us all being relatively then same age then it did make it look less authentic for things like the paparazzi and the Security guards. For things like the public I think it worked rather well as they would be the people more in the know and more likely to be star struck.

The idea that we made a band up and then spread the word via facebook and twitter was a good idea but not enough people did it. I did it on both my twitter and facebook account but didn’t use other methods like contacting the coventry telegraph or Mercia radio directly which may have made it bigger.

Overall it was decent but I think if it was done on a Saturday around 1pm it would have gone a lot better. More people in town so more people to look over their shoulders and get involved. I thought it was really fun to do and I think with a better idea more planning and a few more people we could do very well indeed.


Audio Cheque Flash Mob

On Monday we did a flash mob where we made up two characters and perceived them to be famous.

We gave them a single.

We spread the word on twitter.

and a personification and went to the streets of Coventry to see what would happen.Here is our Flash Mob

Documentary Proposal

Title: Balloon Killings

Short Overview:  This short documentary shows that releasing balloons has a huge adverse affect on the world and its wildlife. It shows what happens if you do balloon releases into the skies and who animals get caught up in the balloon string and eat the balloons and die as a result.

The big idea:  The programme is simply about balloons and the adverse effect they have on the world. It will be short and dramatic to really make the audience think. The main goal is to stop people doing balloon releases. The visuals of dead wildlife I think will be enough to show the audience what is happening.

The audience:  This is simply to everyone. All classes. Everyone has balloons and people from all backgrounds do balloon releases for what ever cause. So the more people that see it the more  people will be aware of what is going on.

The conflict:  It just shows that something fun like releasing balloons can have a huge adverse affect. People are unaware of what they are doing as they don’t witness it first hand and if they knew then they would stop. I will just simply say how it is showing the fun and colours of the balloons and then the death and destruction this pretty things can do.

Structure: It shall start with visuals of balloons, followed by facts and then the destruction they cause to the wildlife. A simple structure which is to the point.

Resolution:  The programme shall finish with some information and how you can help the cause. The visuals should be enough to stop people from doing balloon releases. The argument is simply – If you release balloons into the sky they may kill animals.

Elements and Characters: I shall just use footage from the internet to get my views across. Al the information is on the internet and it will just raise awareness about the issue. The only visuals needed would be the balloons and wildlife so it does not over complicate things. It will just be short sharp dramatic and to the point to make the viewers see what is going on. So no characters needed as it would deflect the view I’m trying to put across.

Length: I think just a short length of around 90seconds would surfice. I think that is enough time to show the two sides of releasing the balloons and the damage it causes.

culture jamming, detournement and subvertising

Segregated water fountains (1950)

A sign of resistance?

So I’ve been asked in this task to make a few comments about what I have done but I really don’t think theres much to be said. By changing it around to make him drink out of the white fountain it shows he doesn’t believe in the system and will drink from where he wants. If this happened in the 1950’s this would have been huge news and a big step in the fight for racial equality. If it wasn’t for the people that I have portrayed here then the fight for racial equality would not have been as strong as it was. You don’t need to just acknowledge the big fighters for racial equality but everyone that was involved which included millions of people all over the world. The picture is just a little thought provoker and begs the question; What is he really doing wrong?

Provoking with visual imagery – Balotelli vs Cameron.

Mario Balotelli – An Italian footballer currently playing for Manchester City. This man will always seem to find his way into the news in one way or another. For setting fireworks off in his bathroom or by doing a fancy trick and getting it horribly wrong. What is there not to like about this man. The press love him and I am sure a lot of other people do also.

He is a rather quiet man who likes to keep himself to himself but he has done quite a bit of charity work for people in Africa. He is a huge supporter for helping out Africa where he can which included building a school in Sudan after watching a documentary.

Some of Balotelli’s charity work can be found Here.

David Cameron is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He is one of most powerful leaders in the world and his work for other countries have often been criticised. He doesn’t go out of his way to help other countries even ones with huge problems. He has even threatened to take out the aid that was given by the Labour government, which shows his lack of commitment to the cause.

So this image shows what giving aid to africa does from Balotelli and Cameron. It shows Balotelli helping the cause and Cameron not helping the cause one bit, which is a huge shame.

Avatar is FernGully

Avatar (2009)

Avatar (2009) is the highest grossing film to date taking in more than $2.75billion since its release in December 2009. In 1994 James Cameron came up with the idea of Avatar.

I have only recently seen Avatar and did as much as I could to avoid hearing even the plot of the story, the characters and even the cast. All that I heard was that the visuals were amazing and I even thought that was too much information. I never voiced my opinion either way that it was good or bad simply because I have never seen it. I also have never seen any of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy simply because I have never felt like watching them, not because I don’t like them.

*Spoiler Alert*

Avatar I felt was sub par at best. Nothing was original and the direction even annoyed me. The first few minutes I enjoyed the visuals throughout the film were truly magnificent but they mean nothing if the rest of the film has nothing to it. The film never established rules. The avatar’s themselves had no defining rules. I was confused to what happened if you died as an avatar, did you survive? Dr. Norm Spellman, who becomes an avatar gets shot and then comes out of being an avatar and is just hurting slightly but yet the threat of being killed as an avatar seemed quite ominous at times. Were you immortal as an avatar? I don’t think so but I don’t know.

Gravity was also mentioned at the beginning of the film. Pandora was said to have a lower gravity than Earth, yet nothing changed gravity was the same than that of Earth. You would think if you put $230million into a film you could get that right.

The story itself is nothing more than an insult to my youth. Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest (1992). I watched this film as a child and I loved it. More so I watched it about 6 months before I watched Avatar as I remember it being a good film. Avatar is FernGully. All it is rather than using cartoons and fantasy beings they used a different planet and aliens to try and appeal to a different demographic. I am also glad that I am not the only one who thinks this. When searching for FernGully the second most search is ‘FernGully Avatar’

FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992)


The Na’vi (Avatar) and the Fairies (FernGully) have similar features

Neytiri (Avatar) and Crysta (FernGully) look very similar, notice the ears.



Pandora Forest - Floor Glows

FernGully Forest - Glowing Floor

Avatar - Tree Of Life

FernGully Tree

Glowing Forest

Similar looking forest and set.

Also these two clips one from Avatar and one from FernGully. These are very similar. In each the main character has just gone into the unknown and is on his own to fend off a predator.

You can easily see the similarities, even the way that they just escape the jaws of their predators is similar. The only difference is that Avatar makes it tense and thrilling whereas FernGully has a song, which children do like.

All Avatar is is just a glorified version of FernGully. Cameron said that he had the idea in 1994 two years after FernGully. He claims the reason it took so long to make was purely because the technology wasn’t around then so he had to wait. It also highlights the changing trends in cinema. Cartoon films have proved very popular in the past and since the first fully CGI films came out such as Toy Story (1995) cartoons have almost been extinguished completely.