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Audio Cheque Flash Mob reflection and evaluation

So we decided to make a flash mob by making someone famous and pretend to be the public who swarm the celebs and have someone get an interview with them. My role was to be a security guard for the celebs. The celebs where a band called Audio Cheque.

The results was this:

The flash mob went reasonably well. We had three attempts at it and every time members of the public were looking around to see what was going on. I feel that we may have needed more people to be apart of it and with us all being relatively then same age then it did make it look less authentic for things like the paparazzi and the Security guards. For things like the public I think it worked rather well as they would be the people more in the know and more likely to be star struck.

The idea that we made a band up and then spread the word via facebook and twitter was a good idea but not enough people did it. I did it on both my twitter and facebook account but didn’t use other methods like contacting the coventry telegraph or Mercia radio directly which may have made it bigger.

Overall it was decent but I think if it was done on a Saturday around 1pm it would have gone a lot better. More people in town so more people to look over their shoulders and get involved. I thought it was really fun to do and I think with a better idea more planning and a few more people we could do very well indeed.


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