All about my University work

Documentary Proposal

Title: Balloon Killings

Short Overview:  This short documentary shows that releasing balloons has a huge adverse affect on the world and its wildlife. It shows what happens if you do balloon releases into the skies and who animals get caught up in the balloon string and eat the balloons and die as a result.

The big idea:  The programme is simply about balloons and the adverse effect they have on the world. It will be short and dramatic to really make the audience think. The main goal is to stop people doing balloon releases. The visuals of dead wildlife I think will be enough to show the audience what is happening.

The audience:  This is simply to everyone. All classes. Everyone has balloons and people from all backgrounds do balloon releases for what ever cause. So the more people that see it the more  people will be aware of what is going on.

The conflict:  It just shows that something fun like releasing balloons can have a huge adverse affect. People are unaware of what they are doing as they don’t witness it first hand and if they knew then they would stop. I will just simply say how it is showing the fun and colours of the balloons and then the death and destruction this pretty things can do.

Structure: It shall start with visuals of balloons, followed by facts and then the destruction they cause to the wildlife. A simple structure which is to the point.

Resolution:  The programme shall finish with some information and how you can help the cause. The visuals should be enough to stop people from doing balloon releases. The argument is simply – If you release balloons into the sky they may kill animals.

Elements and Characters: I shall just use footage from the internet to get my views across. Al the information is on the internet and it will just raise awareness about the issue. The only visuals needed would be the balloons and wildlife so it does not over complicate things. It will just be short sharp dramatic and to the point to make the viewers see what is going on. So no characters needed as it would deflect the view I’m trying to put across.

Length: I think just a short length of around 90seconds would surfice. I think that is enough time to show the two sides of releasing the balloons and the damage it causes.


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