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Filming our documentary

On Friday 18th February 2011 we went to Shirley, Birmingham to film 90 year old Tom Lackey for our documentary. As he was when we first met him he was polite and patient. Obviously there were a few problems we can came across when filming him. His hearing was something that wasn’t great and did prove a bit of a liability when asking him questions. I was stood behind the camera whilst interviewing mr lackey and did have to ask the questions sometimes two or three times and sometimes i really had to shout. This also lead to him moving from his position and therefore would make the edit less aesthetically pleasing. We also had to remind him not to look into the camera but sadly he continued to do so.

Of course there were also huge positives to take when filming. We managed to get a huge insight into his life and on his wing walking experiences. He talked about what it was like to get on top of a plane and fly around. He told us his reasons for doing wing walking and the records he broke. We also asked him about the his role he played in WWII and how he served in Norway with the Commandos.

After the interview we did various cut away shots and we politely kept talking and kept the conversation going. We found out that he was based in Lincolnshire before he got shipped off to Norway. With myself being from Lincoln i then found out that we had far more in common than originally thought. It wasn’t until we left where I thought it was a shame that this conversation wasn’t captured on film. He had many more stories to tell and one particular one which he didn’t tell us until I noticed that something wasn’t quite right. Being from Lincoln I know that a huge majority of regiments in the area went to Africa and I didn’t understand how he went to Norway. It turned out that he himself thought he was going to Africa. He got given all the clothing you would expect to get when going to Africa even the training was desert warfare-esque. It wasn’t until he was sailing north that he was told that he was going to Norway. The regiments didn’t know and the MoD used this as a tactical ploy to confuse the Nazi’s but it confused Mr. Lackey a hell of a lot more.

The footage is now in the editing stage and will piece together the footage to make a nice fluent and enjoyable documentary.


One response

  1. Ken Fero


    Sounds interesting! Hope the image and sound do the character some justice.


    February 22, 2011 at 11:51 pm

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