All about my University work

Margaret Baker – Concept to Creation


A fictional character had to be made for our Media Production course. This lead to many questions. Who would this person be? What would they be like? Where would they live? Many more questions were asked and we had to come up with answers. We were put into groups and our group members were:

Sammie Prior

Sarah Wildash

Sophie Ely

Tom Hill

Sophie Lees

Dicken Richards


Ideas were thrown forward, and landed on the idea of our character being a lady. This was done primarily due to people in in our group being feminists. Feminist ideologies were quite frequent in our first discussion and I felt that by making the character a past figure rather than a present one would give the feminist ideologies a stronger meaning. During World War II feminism really began to take a huge stronghold and we decided to set our character during this time.


We now had a basic idea of where our character was going, we then decided to put random items that we had on us to help further our development. A ring, a watch, lipstick, a necklace, a pen, an ipod and a love note. The ring was a simple idea to represent engagement. The lipstick and necklace was easily put together to represent glamour and the stars of the late 1930’s and 40’s. This also lead to the ipod to becoming music she loved of the time and the good lives they lead. The love note was a simple one as her fiance would have been at war and are letters from when he was away in the way.

The name

Like most made up names it was simply just picking a random name. This proved harder than we anticipated, we then started thinking of our grandparents names and old people’s names. Margaret is known these days as an old lady’s name so we went with that name from a list of several such as Agatha and Gladys. We decided that Margaret would live in a city and instantly thought of London and Baker Street and thus Margaret Baker was born.


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