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Margaret Baker – John Fraser

The Catalyst

We decided that Margaret lead a quiet, peaceful and normal middle-class life during the 1930’s. We therefore needed something that would make her life seem interesting to others. We already decided that she would be engaged to somebody and that they would go off to War and leave her behind. We wanted more than that. We needed something else that would raise a few eyebrows.

We came up with a young man called John Fraser. We wanted a traditional love story however which so many people admire and want for themselves. We wanted their love to be each others first love and traditionally we choose a religious place, a church. The  church chosen was one that again would be non-ficticous to help add to the realism and chose one nearby called St. Pancras New Church. The story would go that they met reaching for the same hymn book whilst singing the lovely song All things bright and beautiful.

We wanted the love to start before the war to give the characters less of a reason to like each other because of hard times and looking for comfort and wanting John to leave during the War to fight over on mainland Europe.

The parent’s would be disapproving however due to John being working class and feeling that Margaret would be too good for him. So a good way that they could see each other would be having them both on the church choir and would therefore see each other twice a week without any implications.

We needed a reason for John to join the army and made his age suitable for the time so that he would be 18 and would want to do his bit. By making his 18th birthday in August 1940 we wanted to give him a bigger incentive than just his age. The events at Dunkirk during May/June 1940 would be a huge incentive as it would make him feel that he needs to do his bit to defeat the Nazis.

This would lead to a speedy engagement as quite alot of couples did during the war and John leaving Margaret. With not alot of troops landing in France etc during this time, John would have leave from his training so then meeting up wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The marriage would not happen until after the war due to the disapproving parents and John wanting Margaret’s parents to like him and know him better, which we decided was going to be hard and therefore no marriage only a secret engagement.

The death of the poor fellow.

To help make Margaret’s life to have more drama we decided that we should kill off the boyfriend and also make her pregnant. The D-Day landings would be the reason for John to leave and never come back and also a good reason for the two of them to have some pre-maritals just before he left. We wanted John to also know that he would be the father so his death would have to come a few months after D-Day. Operation Market Garden in September of 1944 would be the end of John. A real event which had many casualties. This would give John enough time to receive the letter and also give himself hope as just like real life people saw that victory during Operation Market Garden would ensure the war to be over by Christmas.

With John being killed and a baby on the way out of wed lock with disapproving parents we felt that we had a strong character in which people can start to sympathise and really get to know.

Character Bio

Born: 3rd August 1922

Heigh: 5ft 9

Looks: Brunette, Dark Brown eyes. Dashing.

Background: Working class

Occupation: Soldier

He knew he was joining the army hence the speedy engagement.


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