All about my University work

Documentary treatment.

At first when I was going to do my documentary about the life of an army troop I thought I would go on the aspect of how bad it is to be in the army. Things like missing Christmas and being in the middle of a war zone with your life constantly on the line. I then realised that my subject loves the army and everything about it. I’ve never heard a single bad thing mentioned about it. He seems to love every aspect of army life.

Second on the right.

Speaking to him about whats happening in Egypt with the riots and the turmoils thats there. He wanted to be apart of it, get in the thick of the trouble and show what he could do. He loves the action, he loves the conflict and he is the perfect soldier for any regiment to have.
So the angle in which I would approach this would be to ask him what he loves about being in the army. It would be all positive almost perceived as propaganda, but is just one man’s view on how he loves his job.



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