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Margaret Baker – A Character is born


We Got a book to help us with the development of Margaret Baker. Within this book would be everything you need to know about her early life in the 1940’s. The start of the book would consist of the items that we first got and how they were integrated into our character. Over the weeks the book would be added to to develop Margaret and her life further.

A place to live

On choosing a place to live we decided upon London. Mainly due to wanting Margaret to have a job during the war and a lot of munitions were assembled there. As not being from London and not living near there, I don’t know to much about the geographical side of it. The only place that I knew that made munitions was in Woolwich on due to  Woolwich Arsenal FC. This was therefore the starting place to where she would live and work.

Woolwich is situated south of the River Thames and nearby is Greenwich, A rather posh part of London. We decided that our character would be of an upper-middle class family and would be an ideal place in which to live. This however did also raise questions as being near the Kings Docks which took substantial bombing during the war, the place where she either lived or worked would be quite likely bombed during the Blitzkrieg. Family life would therefore be rather complicated and hard so we had to look elsewhere north of the river.

After searching for munition factories I stumbled across one called the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, North London. Although far from the city centre it was a rather straight forward underground ride from Camden. Camden has lovely places to live and that spot was chosen. I then went looking for a certain address for her to live at. I wanted it to be a real place in order to give Margaret a true sense of existence. I settled on Albert Terrace, Camden. A lovely Victorian semi-detached house which overlooked Regent’s Park.

Albert Terrace - Where Margaret grew up

Family and Early Life

We decided that margaret would be an only child and her parents would be called Barry and Agatha. The only child scenario would mainly be due to making it easier when deciding her childhood. We felt that brothers and sisters would be complicated as Margaret would then have to have a history with perhaps two or three other people which could lead to all sorts of snags and mix ups. We decided that her early life would be relatively quiet and normal with the big part of her life coming in the 1940’s and would concentrate our attention more during this time. She would be a regular church goer as so many more people were back then and would be a member of the church choir to give her life a slightly more defining touch. This would also be the basis for how her life became a more interesting spectacle. Her mother and father were always about and where slightly snoody about their class. This meant that family life was very traditional with Margaret attending an all girls school to be raised ‘proper.’

Despite making Margaret a feminist she did still enjoy many of ladies traditional past times. We gave her a love for flowers and wanting her to be educated sent her to Regent’s College to become a botanist. Regent’s College is a well respected establishment and was only down the road from where she lived. We had a greenhouse put in the back garden to help aid her love for flowers and had her father make it to help show his loving side to his daughter.

All of this helped shape her into becoming a woman in which she felt she would love to become however the War changed her life completely for both the good and the bad.


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