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FMP: Research and Development.

I have started my research and development into my FMP, and have started with the story of Mike Malloy. I first heard about this story on QI, and it was something that stood out to me as a great plot for a short film. 

After initially researching him and his story, I found extremely interesting documents online such as this one. I decided that I wanted to use this idea as a strong plot point within my film, but also include other aspects that I had in mind.

The first aspect would be the style of the film. I knew that I wanted to use influences from the prohibition era in the USA, where alcohol and deceit were strong ideals. Although I would be setting my film in modern day Britain, I wanted to use these ideas to give a structure to the final product. 

I then went on to look at other films and media that I could use as influences on my FMP. I felt that finding films that could help shape the project would enable the creative process to be much more efficient. I decided to look at films such as Snatch and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels as these early Guy Ritchie films were something that inspired me to create a darkly comic film that includes aspects of crime and deceit. 

I also used these films for character research as many of Guy Ritchie’s films include stock characters that are likeable and have their own idiosyncrasies that people can relate to. From these influences, I decided that I would have an all male cast, with each one portraying certain stereotypes and with each one being depicted in a very British way.