All about my University work

The End of my Prof. Exp.

Well… What a year. I say year, from October til May. I found the Professional Experience module a delight. I think it should be worth more on your final grade. This is the stuff you want to do when you leave university and it has given me so much experience to add to my CV. I wouldn’t of thought a year ago that I would’ve produced a short film in Reykjavik and be looking forward to be filming UB40 at the end of the week.

I have learned so much. One thing I have definitely learned is that you have to grab things by the balls and really pull for anyone to take notice of you. It inspired me to go free lance and inspired me to start my own production company called Nous Invicta.

I fell back in love with editing. I have edited countless number of hours of the last few months. Going through all the footage and picking out the best buts to put in the right place is so painstaking and yet so rewarding. I’m proud of all the work I have done for my Professional Experience so far. Things I can look back on with pride knowing that I tried and that I will continue to try because I know I can get better.

Yes, I’ve been in arguments but ones where I listen to the other side not ones where I yell and not listen because I wanted to be given the chance to learn because maybe I wasn’t right on that occasion. I have jumped in the deep end and swam and I want to go to deeper waters because I know I can make it, I know I can get better and I know I can do something with this for the rest of my life. It made me realise that I love to produce and want to do it for a long time.

People skills: Telling people what to do in a way that they would do it happily is still something I struggle with after they’ve not done it after a few times of asking. Maybe I’m speaking to lost causes, people that don’t care about this degree or their future in media, but is something I strive to improve because it might not just be those few.

Organisation: The power to be organised is a fantastic power to have and is one that I have learned alot about over the last year or so. Being the producer of several productions has made me more organised that ever. Without it you can’t lead and you can’t be respected. Organisation and reliability goes hand in hand. If you are organised you are on time and you get things done and that gives me huge confidence. More than wearing nice underwear when going out on a Friday night.

I look forward to doing more in the next few weeks, months and years and make it part of my life.


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