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Acoustic Night – dealing with the edit.

So after a successful acoustic night, I was left with the arduous task  of editing over 2 and half hours of filming. This of course is multiplied by 3 as we had three cameras so in essence I had over 7 hours of footage to sift through to make to make every song look good, make sure the right camera shots were picked and even match up the colours of the camera to make them appear the same since we had lighting problems and the aperture was changed throughout and was left on different settings.

The audio was mixed by Alex Chance so a separate audio track was added and none of the audio from the cameras was used. This left me with having to line up every single performance with the audio three times. This proved to take an age. I went purely on the lip syncing, so I matched the mouth moving the the lyrics that were used. Doing this 78 (3 cameras x26 songs) times over took a huge amount of time as sometimes I could not match the audio up as it always seemed just a few frames out.


Edit Timeline for Beau Giblin's Domino

As you can tell from the picture after I lined up the audio I then had to start cutting up all the footage. Fades were added in places and cuts in others to make it look as good as I could get it. To get the first rough edit together took around two weeks. With an average of 45 minutes a song it would of taken around 18-20hours of editing.
With a rough cut done that was sent to Gabbie (the event organiser). She loved it but I could see when I watched it bak with her that I saw a few things that needed tweaking. I then went back and spent another 6 hours or so editing it together. This was then watched back in its entirety (which by this point managed to whittle down to 1hr49mins as there’s no need to have the parts in-between the songs) and then made some minor changes and was ready to export the final piece to DVD.
I was really happy with the results and received great feedback. This has lead to future filming events during May, which I really look forward to.


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