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Spanish Students tour Coventry Cathedral

On 29th March 2012, I felt that showing Spanish students at the Cathedral would look good as it shows all kinds of people go there.
I tried to arrange a crew but failed so took too it upon myself to go film. Just me and a Camera. It was a glorious day, one of the best days of the tear so far, which made it more perfect to shoot especially outside as it makes the whole place look brighter and better, rather than the doom n gloom of filming over the winter.

Spanish Students in the Old Cathedral


I thought that by going by myself it lead me to be more professional and had little distractions. The fact that it was a lovely sunny day also made going outside a wonder. I got some nice shots and shots that I really wanted which I felt were missing from other shoots.
After being let down by my editor I was left in the position that no one wanted to edit it together so was left with little choice but to edit it myself.


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