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Creative Activism Reflection

When I first heard about this module I was rather hesitant about the whole thing. I’m not an activist. I don’t go to any protests or marches, I don’t really care for the ones that I see. What I like doing is keeping myself to myself and like a true Brit with any problems that I have I just bite my tongue and get on with what I’ve got bar the occasional drunken rant of course.

Sadly it took me until the Flash mob before I started to really enjoy this module. Getting out there, having fun and trying to cause a stir. It was the one day that I was really glad I got out of bed and yet it was the day I probably needed sleep more than ever since coming back from a tiring trip to Reykjavik.

The balloon activism was something that did also start to become worthwhile doing and I did several things for that. How much of an impact I don’t know. All I got from a randomer on youtube was that they were more bothered about the balloons. I only posted the video up a couple of days ago and it has 70views already which is more than my others which have been up there for years and I didn’t promote it in any way. Only the image was promoted and that didn’t get much recognition.

If we go back to the very first task I took more effort in looking at Mario Balotelli just because of his quirky nature than trying to be a creative activist. In the end however it seems to have amongst the most views on the flickr page which is pleasing so it has provoked a response from people.

I think overall I think the whole creative activism has sadly been put in second place because of the film that I made in Iceland. I felt that there were some opportunities missed which I could have been more  of an activist but I do however think it shows that this isn’t really my path of choice. What it has done however has made me think more about the helium balloons and what destruction they cause a lot more and has really inspired me to make a short film which I wrote a year ago about the balloons entitled the Baby Blue Balloon which I aim to complete by June. So stay tuned.


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