All about my University work

Creative Activism Evaluation

Overall I felt I met quite a few goals as in I managed to do all the tasks and managed to share my activism with the world via the internet.

I think I managed to pick a lot of topics that were not picked up by my fellow students by picking Balotelli, balloons and even picking Coventry Cathedral and making their good work noticed. By picking up on things that other people don’t really know I feel that I have the upper hand on quite a few people who picked similar things to follow up on like Apple , the armed forces and Facebook. Not to say they havn’t done a good job but to say I am glad I searched deeper than every day things which when we all think about we can all figure out one way or another and has been proven that coverage on them has not worked no matter how mainstream it becomes. I think Balotelli’s antics are the only thing thats mainstream but his work for charity isn’t so I think I have done well there. I have tried to come up with original workings and I think they have had a positive response in the whole.

I think I need develop my way of being an activist. I could have done a lot more, I could have been more active in going out there and really showing people my view points. I think the one thing that was stopping me was being too proud to go out there and have people think things I didn’t want them to think. I prefer to be heard and not seen which is why I love being behind the camera and not in front of it. If I went out there trying to put a view point across if it was on Twitter, Facebook or out in the general public I would be more bothered about my standpoint with them before I did it than after. I will happily create things but I didn’t want to be the one on the front line. I was happy to sit back and hope it would all be okay without my reputation tarnished.

What I would do differently next time is perhaps not be bothered about my reputation and not care if it changed as a result of doing a bit of activism. I would put myself out there more. I would have made more images and more videos to get my viewpoint across and do my utmost to get my work seen and to provoke a huge response. I could’ve gone to the local council in regards to the balloon releases and try and get them on my side. Start a huge campaign so everyone is aware what is going on with balloons after they’re released. Schools I’m sure would’ve liked to know about this. Teaching young children about the risks of balloons since they are amongst the demographic for balloons. I think I stumbled upon a good issue which not a lot of people know about and if it were more widespread then it really could’ve made a huge impact.

With regards to the Flash Mob I think we could’ve done a lot better even more so if it was done on a Saturday and if we had more people and more time to develop our idea. Full evaluation here.

Overall there are a lot of positives to come out of doing creative activism but I think I still have work to do if I am going to really make a dent on this world for the better.


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