All about my University work

Creative Activism Conclusion


The end of a module with very mixed reviews with work perhaps not as a true activist would do but never really being an activist before I think there are a lot of positives to take out of this. I really enjoyed doing a flash mob and may do it again should I get enough people together. Some things I didn’t really enjoy doing but had to be done, but it’s like that with all things I guess. It’s not been the most enjoyable module and I probably would dread doing it again but I look on to doing more open things, fictional things, things I love to do where I can have a creative mind in fiction and wonders other than pressing issues that I have to go out and exploit.

What comes next to this? I really want to make my short film about the affects of releasing balloons. I quirky film with a deep meaning. I have already sent out posters for an illustrator as it will be animated.

So far no responses but I am sure there is an eager talented illustrator out there who will help spread the word about what is happening and therefore continue to be a creative activist and see where this film takes me from there.


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