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Media Spoof

Robert De Niro recently jokingly said that the US might not be ready for a ‘white first lady.’ I’ve personally thought it was rather funny since it what was said by some people not being ready for a black first lady.

He has since come out and apologised as it has gone down badly with a few people but it lead me to task where you have to make something satirical and not really true so I came up with this little notion:

De Niro not ready for a white first lady


The image is no where near what De Niro was meaning when it was said, but it could easily be interpreted that way and just a simple picture like this could make you think that way if you didn’t know the story. His angry face making you think that he is adamant about the words in the picture and the expression by Michelle Obama adds to the anger and point that De Niro is perceived to be making.


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