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Creating an impact

So from my documentary proposal I decided to make a short documentary and try and get my viewpoint across.

I think from this short piece it shows what the problem is. Okay so theres not really any facts and figures other than the pictures of the dead or dying  animals, but I think thats all you need in just a short video like this one. Admittedly I could make a longer documentary with more facts and figures with lots of evidence to back it up but that could be a fair few minutes and people would just get bored. I don’t plan on making this a cinematic thing as I think they are pointless because if I wanted to be entertained I will watch mainly words of fiction which doesn’t seem to be that thought provoking.

This short piece is short, sweet dramatic and to the point. Something short like this would get my attention unlike for instance the Kony 2012 video where you have to sit for 30mins just to listen to a load of propaganda with not much said about the actual point.

I also made this little picture:

I think by having more than one for of media to spread the message then more people will see the message of stopping people taking balloons lightly and think that those happy things have no consequences.

I think the more types of media and more different pictures then the more people will take notice.


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