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culture jamming, detournement and subvertising Process


When I made this photo I was just browsing at racial equality on the internet. I started to read into Jane Pitman and how she did her utmost for racial equality in the early 20th century.

I came across a photo entitle ‘segregated water fountain’ from 1950 and started looking into the history behind them. Jane Pitman was amongst the first black people to drink from a white only fountain.  The first recorded time of a resistance about the fountains included a young girl that drank from a white only fountain and was arrested along with their curators.

Pictures arose to enforce this racial discrimination but if it wasn’t for people like this young girl and Jane Pitman then this may still be happening. I thought it would show the struggle that they went through just by swapping the white and coloured signs around.

I did the whole thing on Photoshop. I thought about it a lot as I don’t think there was ever any need for segregated water fountains. I experimented, taking the signs away completely and got rather annoyed that these fountains ever came up. So much in fact that I also produced this picture:

This however received some mixed reviews. My idea for this is that I couldn’t care less which fountain you drank out of because the whole idea is farcical to me but other perceived that I didn’t care for this part of history and that segregation means nothing to me which couldn’t have been further from the truth. So due to the mixed feedback I dropped the image and swapped the two around which has a different meaning but I think just as strong.


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