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The Only Way is Sluts.

Amy Childs.

Who is this dirty little fucking slut?

I spent most of my days doing as much as I could to not even associate myself with these crappy so called reality tv shows. The Only Way is Essex is something I do know little about and I wanted to keep it this way. However this little slut has become the centre around a case study that has bestowed upon me. The cinematography and the over use of makeup is enough for me. It just makes me think of dirty little chavvy slappers who go out and live on gossip and that’s the only thing they have in their life.
Reality shows have had to evolve to try and keep up with the times. They’ve had to change in order for people to watch them. After Big Brother 2 I was spent with reality tv shows and maybe because I was 13 at the time I had grown out of it. The only thing that keeps these shows going is the gossip they create and I fucking hate gossip. Get on with your own lives. I couldn’t give a shit that somebody is pregnant nor care that someone has gained a stone in 2months. It’s a pretty common thing get over it.
To gain celebrity status you don’t have to save a life nor be an up class role model who has done so much for the world. All you have to be is have a few good looks tons of makeup and say, “Shut up,” and people love you for it. Just fuck off please. This country has seemed to have prided itself upon a chavvy society. Who want’s to be a chav? Who want’s the best thing to come out of their life to be talking about someone behind their back, not owning a home, living off the state and getting to 65 with no savings and 127 grandkids because having sex is ,‘well cool.’
My life is pretty pathetic as it is but I wouldn’t want any of that in my life and whether or not I want to feel sorry for them is something I can’t decide as they do it to themselves.
I’ve ranted on enough before getting to the epitome of what is wrong with this society.
Amy Childs, A 20year old nobody who shot to fame because of a reality tv show called The Only Way is Essex. What is she famous for? Being pretty wearing tons of make up looking fake, acting dumb, loving gossip and being all about possessions oh yeah and vegassiling. The only good thing out of all them which I would include in my ideal woman would be the being pretty part, but not in the way she is. I’m sure she’s a very nice girl and probably clever but that’s not how she wants to be perceived and that is a person I have no respect for. If you’re clever and nice be that way. Rachel Riley has managed it just fine. Don’t be a dumb whore who tries to be the stereotypical Essex girl. People somehow see you as a role model. Don’t fuck up their lives like you’ve fucked up yours. And for the 800,000+ followers she has on twitter I hope to God that they are all there for a laugh.
Looking at various medium it appears that she is also a fashion icon. Really? Fuck sake. Vegazzling. Where you make your vagina look pretty for the boys because you are a superduper slut who likes getting fingered in nightclubs. I could understand if they were done for things like a wedding or an anniversary but you know it’s just teens and single twenty somethings who think that’s they perfect way to get a bit of hanky panky. The first thing I would think if I ever saw a ‘lady’ with one would be, ‘I’m not going in there bareback, probably risking it if I use a condom as well… You know what I’ll give you a cheeky finger and hope my fingers don’t fall off.’
You’re probably going out with a big label on your forehead saying slut so maybe it’s your own fault your fingers fall off.
She also has her own lingerie range out. This I’m not so bothered about as we all need underwear. Underwear should never really be seen and I personally think it’s a confidence booster if you have nice panties on. What bothers me is that the people who I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole would be the people wearing them. I think they are more bothered about the name associated with the lingerie than the lingerie itself.

For this woman to save herself from this bad image I think she has, she just has to take a step out of the limelight and reinvent herself. She won’t do that as she’s estimated to earn almost £10million this year. Just a big Fuck Sake. She’s going carry on for the next 10 years getting her tits out and getting paid for it and I’m sure she doesn’t care where it comes from or what she’s doing to this country.


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  1. We can always trust you to avoid mincing your words Dicken! A strong opinion is a good thing, shows passion. Apathy is the killer. A chap called Bertrand Russell once said “the stupid are Cocksure, the intelligent are full of doubt.”
    You make a number of points that I can relate to but I’d ask you to question others. You imply that Amy Childs is ‘what is wrong with this society.’ However much you dislike her – and I’m getting the sense your not one of her biggest fans – can she really be the cause of what is wrong with society? What is wrong by the way? Is she not a product of our society as much as she can be considered a purveyor? We accept exhaust pipes attribute to pollution, but we know banning exhaust pipes will do nothing. What about the responsibility of those who made her famous or indeed her fans? There’s a funny clip of her on Buzzcocks with Frankie Boyle, are the BBC responsible for booking her?

    You are of course free to criticise her but to be taken seriously need to be aware of where your language ejects you of a moral high ground. For example you call her a ‘slut’ and a ‘dumb whore’ – is this fair? It portrays you as a misogynist – the ‘If a woman wears a short skirt no wonder she gets raped.’ crowd. Which is arguably far more damaging to society than anything Amy Childs might be responsible for.

    I would also question you about the ‘they do it to themselves’ line, you’re aligning the lifestyle AC represents with chavs and benefit scroungers which I’d question. It seems to me that everything she appears to represent – fashion, glamour, materialism, spending money – is the epitome of capitalism, life on benefits (whatever the Dailymail will have you believe) is surviving, the ‘Essex’ lifestyle requires the kind of disposable income created through full time employment. Remember we are thankfully not responsible for the lives of our twitter followers, at least I hope I’m not.
    You say ‘What bothers me is that the people who I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole would be the people wearing them.’ in relation to her lingerie range. Why should this bother you? This statement acknowledges it doesn’t effect you. And of course her market is people who aspire to the things she stands for – she’s a brand.
    There’s lots wrong with it but a most insightful post Dicken, and I’m pleased to hear wearing nice panties gives you confidence. I must try it some time.

    January 26, 2012 at 11:06 am

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