All about my University work

Filming the Blitz tour at Coventry Cathedral

On Wednesday 11th January 2012. Myself and Rees went to the Cathedral to film their Blitz tour. Our Director turned up over an hour late which didn’t make us look too professional. The met up at 9am and filmed until around 1pm then I uploaded and backed up the footage.

A shot of the mock up WWII school they have.

Upon the shoot we followed some students around on their tour. They had a mock up WWII school where they learned about Coventry during World War II and about the way of living in Britain during this time. They also had a tour around the Cathedral. This included the history of the Cathedral and how and why it came to be bombed on 14th November 1940. Footage from the war was also shown and they even had their own Anderson shelter which the kids got to experience. The shoot could’ve gone smoother if the director turned up on time and knew what was going on, the weather was also pretty bad that day so filming outside was kept to a minimum for fear of the camera breaking. Some camera shots were very shoddy. Extremely over and under exposed which left a lot of the footage un-useable with one particular shot which would’ve been perfect but because it was so over exposed can’t be used in the final promo video.


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