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FIlming the Christingle

Today I went on the first real shoot for the school’s promotional film I am doing for Coventry Cathedral.
Today we shot to Christingle services one at 10am and just got added shots at 1pm for the second service which involved different performances from the pupils such as dancing.

We arrived at the cathedral around 9am. This was to have a talk with Emma (The head of Schools for the Cathedral) to get a better understanding of what we were filming. I also saw this as an opportunity to get the stain glass window that is on the east side as the colours look great in the morning as the sun is rising and thought this would be our best chance to get them as the sun rises quite late in December.

Chairs and staging were set up so we knew where to film. Also two giant Styrofoam oranges around 3ft in diameter were centred between the schools which added to the excitement for the children.

The children were primary school children from all around Coventry and each school had their own performance which was either singing, dancing or a mixture of both. It was quite a joyous occasion which was topped with Christian and Christmas songs by a man playing a guitar being accompanied by a piano.

We managed to film everything that was needed even the lady trying to rare up the pupils by dancing on a platform. I had fun and feel this project should be a good one to continue and should get a lot out of it.


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