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Cathedral’s School Promo Project

First of all let me apologise about the meeting. I was in another meeting which some of you were also in which ram for over 2 hours. I managed to get a quick word with a few of you today on what is going on.

Firstly – Filming

One Tuesday 6th December we shall be filming a christingle event in which schools from all over the Coventry area shall be coming together.

There will be events going on at 10am and at 1pm and we shall be filming both. They will be singing and dancing and they have two giant christingles as well which would make for good visuals. No interviews are needed which will help us out a lot.

I suggest we use a Sony Z5 for this with just standard boom mics. The lighting should be great at early morning so you can get the sun coming through the stain glass.

If we could meet at 8:45 Tuesday morning in ET and then get the equipment a quick brief and then head over.

Secondly – What we have coming up

On January 5th there is an awards ceremony – I know it’s just after Christmas so I will have to check the availability of the cameras and of you guys but is something I will be looking into.

January tends to be a very quite month so not much filming will be done in this time and possibly not until March. This requires a lot of patience but I will try and keep you all up to date so you don’t start getting worried that you are missing out.

We need to make sure we show diversity within this and the age range from Nursery to 6th Form. Also there is a Blitz tour which involves a 1940’s classroom  and a air raid shelter which if done right will work well. And finally  we need to show it to be educational but also we need to show hope and transformation and look to inspire the viewers.


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