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Reflection 4 – Evaluation

The whole edit I feel was planned however with the shoot the initial edit plan was almost thrown out of the window.
When we went to shoot our documentary we would shoot the tree scene in the morning and the rugby in the afternoon. However we only got around 40 minutes to shoot the documentary in the tree due to lewis not having the right equipment in time and him having to go play rugby. The shoot itself involved Lewis getting ready with his gear. I decided to film this even though I was told other wise by others. It proved to be an important part of the film as it set what he does and how he goes about it. Even when doing this, Sunil was walking in front of the camera standing there, getting the boom in the way as he saw no importance of it. I think if this wasn’t shot then I feel we may have struggled with visuals and the edit would not as flowed as well. Due to the time restraint we had to film after the rugby but shot in a room as we couldn’t shoot outside as it was dark by this point. The visuals for this were not good but the content was and having added visuals proved to be our saviour in the edit.

The way we wanted the edit to go was to start at the bottom of the tree and he would work his way up to show progression. However some of the things that he said were said when he was in the wrong position. This would prove hard on the edit as we couldn’t do a simple interview and show him talking. This is where the shots of Lewis getting ready proved vital. Shots of when he was in the tree were edited out n the audio track was left. This happened throughout the edit especially with the sit down interview after the forest and rugby shoot.

I think in the end the rugby proved to be a waste of time. none of it made the final edit and took up a lot of time. Sunil was really up for shooting the rugby and I wasn’t too sure. I wasn’t even sure it would make the final edit but seemed adamant about it. All that was needed was a few shots of him playing and not the whole match.

I knew since I made my last documentary that more visuals were needed as I struggled to edit it together but managed to get by on photos from a previous meeting. I shot more visuals this time round, however I still feel that more visuals were needed and also more thought into what was being shot and how long the shot should be held before going to another shot.
I think this has been just as big learning curve than my first documentary. It was a completely different style and tone. I found that with that you need different visuals and you need to show the tone of the person as something more serious than what I did last time. The edit proved harder than I thought. There is a huge difference from a 3 minute documentary than a 5 minute one. The pace being one. I found this hard to do without making it too slow and over compensated to start with and made the pace very fast.


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