All about my University work

Reflection 3: Analysis

We initially set our idea on choosing our guy we thought it would be a good idea to go and meet him before hand and get a good idea of how the was and how we would shoot our documentary. We had our initial idea of him going up a tree and how that would symbolise his journey through life. Photos of the day helped us out and gave us visuals to work on after the meeting to help us plan on how it would be shot. We also met with Lewis’s rugby coach and agreed to shoot the rugby to get another side to how lewis lives his life.

The shoot differed as we didn’t have as much time to film as we thought. We had less than an hour. This stopped us getting valuable shots to help with the visuals. I feel we just about got enough but more would have been better. We got different shots as we were going to get him around his kitchen doing day to day things. This probably saved us time in the end as we probably wouldn’t have used them. I think more planning was needed as we moved around a lot and  shoot in different places. The more places we shoot the more planning needed which I will do next time. Also more steady shots were needed. We used a tripod which was dodgy at times and went free hand this proved very hard when we had to zoom in. Also we had problems with the boom which were eventually sorted as at times it picked up everything. This shows that you should always check your equipment thoroughly.


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