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Reflection 2 Process/Development

When meeting Lewis for the first time we just had a casual chat with him, got to know him and tried to make him as comfortable as possible. We felt that this would relax him so he would tell us more. The more we chatted to him the more we found out. His torments and how he developed tourettes. I thought that this would be a great documentary because people only really know what tourettes is and not the person behind them. I found him to be a great guy and that was something that never really crossed my mind before perhaps through naivety so I really wanted to show this. Even when he was being interviewed he still managed to laugh about his torment which really shows the character that he is and how he is just like everyone else.

Lewis looking casual, not letting tourettes get the better of him.

I think creatively we wanted to tell a story visually through the metaphor of using trees. Since he climbed trees we thought that we could tell the story of him being on the ground feeling lonely and an outsider and as the story progressed its him up a tree feeling part of the group. We felt that this would work as in the background you would see other people in trees but higher up than he was to symbolise that they weren’t outsiders but part of the group and where you have to be to not be considered an outsider.

Notice how everyone is higher than lewis (foreground).

With the interview we felt that where the camera was would help tone the documentary, We decided to have the camera on the ground the whole time using a tripod, We wanted to stay on Lewis’s level and by him moving up it moved the eye line up as well. This was show this progression from where he was to where he is now and how far he has come.


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