All about my University work

Reflection 1 Research

Nathan, Toms friend (right) and Lewis (Left)

So for this documentary we found someone with tourettes called Lewis. We managed to find him through Tom Neary, as he was friends with a guy who knew him. As soon as it was mentioned that he was a tree surgeon I could see how the story could work with visuals and how it would develop. I looked into tourettes and found out that it was more than just swearing but twitching and involuntary muscle movements. I didn’t however look into tree surgery much as I felt I had a competent knowledge of it already. We decided to spend a day a week before the shoot to go through everything with Lewis. We wanted to get to know him more and hear about his life in a very casual manner. We also walked around the College where he was in order to find where we would shoot the documentary. I had in idea in my mind before that a tree would help symbolise Lewis and his journey and the further up the tree he goes the better he became. A trip into the forest gave us a better idea of what trees that could be used and how everything could be pieced together. I think what I learned from last year was to take as many pictures as possible to help us sort out visuals for when we shot the documentary. This time it helped us out. We could eliminate places to shoot which would’ve been so much harder had we not taken a DSLR camera. Even then I felt that taking notes would’ve proved better but I decided to leave my notepad in the car as I wanted our initial meeting to be very casual and let the camera do the talking. Both would have proved a lot better as we wouldn’t of had to rely on memory as much. We did talk to a lot of people other than Lewis. This gave us a bigger understanding of our surroundings and how Lewis is perceived to other people. The meeting of the rugby coach, Lewis’s tutor and their marketing team helped us try and depict how this documentary would work.


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