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Gryla Project – Synopsis feedback 2

Synopsis 1 – The idea is rather simple but yet feel that the story line is too predicable however a small cast needed and could have good shots of reykjavik

Synopsis 2 –  With this a lot of night filming would be needed and I can hack the cold but not all night. A large cast would be needed and the story looks as if it has been done before. Sorry

Synopsis 3 – The visuals on this have the potential to be very good but again a large cast will probably be needed and looks set in land which could prove hard. The weather and climate may prove to be very different from hallowe’en but a tweak on that may not be too hard. Story however does feel like its been told before though.

Synopsis 4 – This I feel could be shot anywhere. I think if anybody wants to prove themselves produce, direct an/or edit this in coventry and show your worth for the trip.

Synopsis 5 – Very similar opinion to synopsis 2.

Synopsis 6 – One of my favourites. Could easily be shot and has an endearing story. Maybe a slight tweak on how it ends but thats just my opinion.

Synopsis 7 – One that does require heavily on visuals. Slightly more needs to be added to the story but also feel that this could almost be shot anywhere. Love stories are however rather generic but could still work

Synopsis 8 –  Some could be filmed in the UK which cuts down on production time in Iceland but the story becomes obvious before too long. Like no. 7 it could work but needs something to take it away from the standard rom-com.

Synopsis 9 – Personally my favourite. Everything about it I like. It’s simple, rather original and has a slight bit of black humour in it which I do like. Nothing more to say.

Synopsis 10 – Different, searching for the right cave may prove tricky. Needs more of a twist in it and a stronger storyline.

Synopsis 11 –  I feel that this could almost be shot anywhere. A nice emotional story which gets to the viewers. I do like this idea but whether its suited to Iceland or not I don’t know. Please prove me wrong.

Synopsis 12 – Again I feel could be filmed anywhere. Endearing story but I feel its missing something to really grab the viewers

Synopsis 13 – Seems like you’ve taken ideas from many different well known shows and films n blended them all together. Sadly nothing original about this and will probably require going inland quite a bit which will prove hard with the accommodation as I don’t really fancy losing a toe on this trip.

Synopsis 14 –  I feel that this would take too  long to film in order to get right. A slightly different approach to Groundhog Day but without a finish I feel the story can’t be told properly.


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