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The Gryla Project

On Friday (11/11/11) I attended a meeting with regards of going to Iceland for around a week in February/March 2012 with the intention of making one or two top quality short films.

People made film synopses over the week and it we looked through each one and looked at the pros n cons on each one. We then started to look at dates and prices and how we will reach those decisions. the prices do depend on how many people go and it looks like there are over 30 people really interested in being a part of this which should lower the cost of each person and make it more affordable for all.

I managed to land myself a producer role and is something I am very proud of as this would be the biggest project that I have been apart of and I am almost at the helm of it all. I have huge confidence in myself despite it being the biggest project I have done as I am very enthusiastic about this and is something I will strive to make a huge success.

I have already given myself some tasks to do for next week. Look at the pros and cons of each synopsis, looking at the logistics of it all, the story line as well as the time and crew constraints that we have.

Another thing that I am already looking into is fundraising. There is no maximum budget but the more we raise the better. I have already looked into the possibility of hiring out the Square One venue hall for the night and get either a concert or a club night there to help raise money. As I work there it is a huge possibility that I can get the hall for free and tomorrow I need to try and persuade a sound engineer to give up his spare time in order to help us out. As soon as we have a sound engineer on board this will become a huge possibility. Preliminary date is the 13th of December but already looking at doing perhaps another one in the new year depending on the success of the first night.

I also have to write a couple of scripts by Thursday as two of the synopses were mine so I have three big tasks to get done by Thursday evening in order to be ready for Friday. It will take up a lot of time but I am fully committed to the cause as I need to be being a producer.


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