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Gryla 1st Synopsis Feedback

After looking through each synopsis for the Iceland Project. I personally have to say that I really like synopsis no. 6 and 9. I feel that these are very easily done and no point trying to be ambitious and rather simple concepts. So on early analysis they would be the two that I would suggest that go forward. If the scripts done turn out that well I feel that the story will be strong enough for re-writes to be done to make them work.

As for the other synopses; there are some that I feel are too ambitious and some which are too obvious. Again I look forward to the scripts within the week as some may change my mind and I hope they do because I think having a problem of too many ideas is one which I like where only picking two as they are the only two that could be done and done well.

Over the next week I will do a more thorough analysis of each synopsis and in fact write a script as I have a synopsis in there.


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