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Britain in a Day

So it has just ticked passed midnight and Britain in a Day has just passed. What have I done today? Not a lot. I barely left my room. I spent the majority of it laid in bed doing next to nothing. All I did was piece to camera shots and did quite a few over the course of the day, starting from when I woke up til about 23:30.

Why have I done that? Because my initial idea was to go around the city centre and ask people questions but then I got called up to work I then found out on Saturday that I wasn’t needed in after all. I then found it hard to get in contact with people as I don’t currently have a phone. I decided to do the lazy thing but by doing so I actually found a lot out about myself. I said things to the camera that I wouldn’t really say to people. I showed a different side to myself that people see. It shows my emotions during the day and how they differed from morning until night. The football was something that really cheered me up but also showing that all I have to eat was bread, cheese or chocolate proved to take up more time than I thought. As I never really left my room I could see out of my window. For the most part nothing happened, but there was one point where my window almost got put through by kids playing football in the street. The questions that we were asked to answer did provoke an emotional response which may have been due to a recent break up but I felt the emotion was something that needed to be shown as what I did today was pretty much one mans journey through the day.

It proved to be a day of self discovery and one I don’t think I would’ve done if it wasn’t for the way things turned out. Which I think is really something.


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