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A trip to Moreton Morrell

Moreton Morell

Today I went with Tom and Sunil to a Moreton Morrell to meet Lewis who has Tourettes. Having met him and his surroundings I felt it became increasingly clear how this documentary will develop. He studies to be a tree surgeon and we managed to get permission to film him doing some tree surgery as well as meeting with his rugby coach to film him during a rugby match as long as they had some highlights of the match. All this will require a lot of release forms but also we got permission from Warwick college to film within the grounds and the marketing department at the college seemed quite enthralled by what we had planned and the direction that we were going in that they wanted us to help them out by showing how well he’s coped at the college to give them a positive image.

Tree Surgeon Teacher (left) with Lewis (right)

Locations on where to shoot look pretty much sorted. Where we went today to have a look at the tree surgeon’s practical lesson. We took a few pictures to help get the feel of what we would do along with how it would be shot but was rather dark with lighting hard to get right especially with an DSLR but another place was suggested to us with a backdrop of like a manor house. The lighting would be brighter and easier for the camera to set up which would be nice as we could have the interview part based around there.

Tree Surgeon Looking on

The Manor house

Also during my time there I found that he was a very sound guy who embraces that he has tourettes. His friends call him tourettes and he is well known through the college as the tourettes guy and is happy to have that tag. He talked about how the condition developed and the emotional issues that he’s had and how he’s been on fights simply because he has shouted obscene words with out any power to stop it and people taking it the wrong way. Daily things like going to the shops can be arduous as when an obscenity is said and he tells them what he has people just don’t believe him.

His tourettes has decreased a bit over the last year or so due to medication and speech therapy but he says things like stress, peer pressure and being told what to do can cause it to take off quite substantially.  He has even been diagnosed with  ‘Super tourettes’ which I thought was a joke being called something as simple as that, but is a genuine condition given to people with bad tourettes. He now plays rugby and that has helped him a lot as it gets a lot of stress out and relaxes him so his tourettes isn’t as bad.


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  1. Ken Fero

    Good to see this happening. You need to show me the shooting script before the main shoot.

    November 9, 2011 at 6:58 am

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