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Professional Experience – Human Resource department

On Wednesday (2/11/11) I took my first steps in my professional experience. The Human Resource Department are after 20, one minute staff training videos on what and what not to do in the workplace. We were given scripts on what was wanted doing and I have to say the scripts were not written in a audio visual way but more suited to be written and not filmed. It then took us a further 2:30 hours to get each script deciphered in a way that we could shoot each video to be within a one minute time spread. There was lots of note taking and structuring done through out this time and came apparent that some of the scripts were starting to appear to ambitious to be done within a minute and with the resources on hand. A few emails were sent back on forth with the human resource department to try and reach an agreement in what would be best for both sides and not much give was given either way. We proposed that in order to make this work we would need voice overs as explaining them through visuals would prove just too hard within the time scale. This met with an immediate no, but we managed to eventually get them to agree as we felt there was no other way this would work.

Our Scripts and notes

Another problem we encountered was that we ourselves would also be in charge of locations. This again proved to be a problem as we would have to find offices that would not be in use for when we need them and that would take a lot of time considering they wanted us to shoot the videos starting next week. We then received an email that there would be a room available for us for when we want to shoot which helped us greatly.

Actors would also prove to be a problem. We were told that we would have 3rd year drama students to help us out with the production but hit quite a snag when looking through the scripts and people in it are described in their 50’s or 60’s. This prompted another email and a few alterations were made to the scripts but still leaves us with a huge age gap as lecturers are quite often middle aged and the actors will be around the 21 mark.

Me taking down some notes

Within the next few days we need to re-write every script but also keep the script loose enough to keep the department happy. This isn’t going to prove easy but something that needs to be done as we also need a prop list which may require a few days to get everything together.


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  1. Hey Dicken, not sure this is posted under the correct category? Get blogging about Britain in a Day, and more importantly your Audio Essay research. Get it on!

    November 7, 2011 at 2:42 pm

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