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GTA V. The trailer is here.

So remember in 2004 when GTA San Andreas hit the shelves? Well GTA V is  set in the same place. Set around the Vinewood (Hollywood) area, GTA V will have 3 separate cities. San Fierro (San Francisco) Los Santos (Los Angleles) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas).

What we can expect from GTA V is still a bit of a mystery but the if it’s anything for the trailer to go by and how Rockstar always seems to get better as the GTA series progresses, I think GTA V will blow the rest of the GTA’s out of the water. The stunning back drops and the finely detailed streets will put this above many games with its graphics alone. As time will go on we will find out more about GTA V and what it has to offer us.

So here it is the GTA V Trailer:


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