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Anaphylaxis and how it affects your life

I followed up on the anaphylaxis story today to make a documentary about and firstly the person has agreed to let us film them, which is great. Anaphylaxis is basically the worse kind of allergic reaction you can get. Basic facts can be found here.

The angle in which I am going to go with is that anaphylaxis is something that has to be taken seriously at all times. Nut allergies are rather common but even things like buying a lettuce can be potentially life threatening as it cant guarantee having no contact with nuts from its time from the farm to the store.

At all times she has to cary an Epipen, which contains adrenaline should anything bad occur would have to be administered to save her life. Even a trip to the market could be fatal through not fault of her own.

We will look at her daily life and what she has to do everyday to avoid mishaps and try to lead a very normal life. Old pictures of  how these allergies affect her and what she looks like in a bad case.


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