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Documentary problems

I went home to Lincoln this weekend and my brother was also there. He had had doubts about this documentary about him being made and it was my job to help sway him the other way. I told him what I wanted to do and how I would go about it. Also I would show that he was a victim of a Capitalist society and would give the impression of what he is doing in fact benefits society.

He was swaying towards this and felt I made progress and felt a great documentary idea would be followed through with. However, and this was a big however he wasn’t comfortable with a documentary crew following him around as something in which I had forgot was that he doesn’t like being on camera much. Especially when it would involve being with him for around two full days.
I’m not too sure he knew what we were trying to do but I cleared everything up and unfortunately he declined in the role. I then asked if he knew anyone that would be up for it and his response was, ‘Just dick heads who do stuff for the wrong reasons.’

I could’ve perhaps followed up on these ‘dick heads’ but with my brother not too close to them the whole thing could easily fall apart for many reasons such as communication so I decided to drop the idea completely.
It was an idea that I thought would work very well and furthermore only found out on Wednesday (02/11/11) that he was also part of the capitalist protests outside St. Paul’s Cathedral which also could’ve worked very well with more preparation and planning.

I now am now looking into my other options which include somebody that lives with  anaphylaxis and has severe allergies which are life threatening even on a trip to the supermarket.


One response

  1. Ken Fero

    Thats the way it goes sometimes. All the more reason to keep a steady stream of possible characters and film ideas on the go.

    November 4, 2011 at 12:16 am

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