All about my University work

Initial documentary idea.

I have actually found this week very hard to find a suitable subject in which to make a documentary about either a victim of capitalism or an outsider. The only person who I have found so far is my brother.

He feels that everyone is a victim of capitalism even those living in a ‘democracy’. After studying history and politics at university it opened his eyes to the world and how everyone has to conform to guidelines and how all the nations money goes into a few peoples back pockets.


He tries to live a very free life and the angle that I would pursues is his life and what he does to avoid ‘capitalism’ where ever he maybe. It could also include his friends who have the same views and how they are victims of a capitalist country and also my brother feels that money should be obsolete and how he tries to spend as little money as possible which includes where he lives and how he eats.


One response

  1. Ken Fero

    Excellent idea. Looking forward to your I minute film next week.

    October 21, 2011 at 11:53 am

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