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Documentary Seminar reflection 20/10/2011

During our seminar today we went round the group and had people give out their initial ideas as well as myself giving the idea of doing a documentary about my brother.

There were several ideas that I really liked and two in particular besides my own in which I would like to see developed further. For now they shall remain nameless but they are ones that could be done quite easily and very effectively. The reasons why I have thought about these ones is perhaps I feel that they would be very visually stimulating and could deliver a very strong story.

As for my own documentary in which I would deliver a piece on not only my brother but about the way of life of these almost nomadic people. I’m not too sure much is known about these kinds of people as they could quite easily find permanent accommodation and being fairly educated could find a decent paying job and yet refuse to do so on the own admission.

From the feedback that I received he seems like a very interesting character and there is a lot more too him than I mentioned in the seminar but slipped my mind. There were several nods of appreciation and discussing this idea with a few people before hand they liked his image and can see from his pictures that there is a lot to him.

Also in the lecture there was a lot of talk on both the style of documentary and the cinematography of it. This also made me think about the angle in which I could film this documentary.

I would like to follow my brother around and I would like to give the viewer an incite of how they live and their reasons. I want to get their view across but make no judgements of my own. I almost want them to give such good and deep answers in why they do this to almost sway me into wanting to do it myself.

Over the next week I will pursue this idea as well as talking to other people so we can make the right choice in what we pick so we can make the best documentary possible. I also hope that people think I am a good documentarist and a good hard worker and would allow me into their group should that be the case.


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