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La Jetee and using pictures instead of moving image.

I’ve seen La Jetee before and it’s a film in which I really like and enjoy. It tells the story of a man who is haunted by seeing a man die whilst he is at the airport, soon after the world is nearly completely destroyed and he goes back in time to help save humanity.

An Image from La Jetee

The film doesn’t follow the conventional way of filming it uses pictures to help tell the story and has a single man narrate the whole process. It is narrated in the style as if it’s being told in the past tense and the pictures have come from some sort of archive.

I first saw this Film last year but have been aware of it for some time as it was the Basis for the film  Twelve Monkeys  (1995) but it’s the photos that tell the story is something I particularly liked. Over the Summer I came up with a short film Idea about a balloon and the destruction that it does. One of the first things that I considered was the whole telling the story as a narration in a documentary style and have the images as pictures. In a slight difference I intend to make the pictures hand drawn or drawn on a software programme.

I have chosen a topic where I have to make a short film by Christmas and this is the one I plan on doing and hopefully it will turn out to be a nice quirky film with a strong meaning.


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