All about my University work

My professional development Assess

Well I was Mr. director for the Live studio sessions which in my professional development really helped me. It gave me more confidence in what I am doing as I felt that I didn’t really think that I was a director. It helped me see the kinks and how to get them sorted more. I think overall my condfidence has been raised more as fellow peers also thought that I would make  a good director and I don’t think I let them down. This has been a huge learning curve for me and I feel in the future that I will have more confidence and my problem solving of such things as where to put a camera will be more quickly recognise and make producing and directing future films or television productions more efficient.

In terms of the working world it has given me more confidence in telling folks what to do without sound like a bit of a douche. I have learned to listen to peoples comments and taken them on board without dismissing them and being stubborn by sticking to my own ideas. I have shown that I have really good inter-personable skills as well as good listening skills in which employers do love very much so.

This module has shown me how to get  artefacts out on numerous amounts of medium such as the internet, tv or even by reinventing them. It shows that I am creative and shows that I have good imagination and can produce bits of inspirational magic in media form and originality.

This module has made me more professional and shows the understandings of the professional media world.


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