All about my University work

Me in my role for Tv studio fun Assess

1st week March 10

So we decided roles today. We had a bit of fun before hand trying out different roles. People seem to really like as director even though it was not particularly what my first choice would be.
There were a few compliments about the position. The time came to picking what roles we wanted. Director came up – People looked at me so I volunteered, and I got the job.After a unanimous decision we have gone with the children’s show. I then asked people to submit various clips that we could use within our show.

2nd week March 17

Being a director I had to work closely with the producer however we all spawned out ideas and it was my idea about a children’s program that stuck out. we were given a week to decide between  a children’s risks, dangerous jobs or obsessions.

3rd Week March 24

We showed had everyone look at the VTs picked out that was posted on our group wall on Facebook. We picked out ones that we really liked. Also we helped decide on character names and themes. I still manage to make a script – just a random one to work on, work out alright.

4th week March 31st.

A story was in order for this so we got  the producer and presenters along with myself to decide the story. We managed to pick a story line one that was narrative but also still a show directed at kids telling them the right from wrongs. used the same script again. Work out alright. Showed my creative skills with  plasticine once more.

April through May

I’m sure just like everybody else I didn’t really take much notice of this time. I took this to go on holiday and generally have a good time. See I even got buried in the sand. However I did still make a script or two working on the kinks also edited by the Producer Mr. Joe Parker.

Week Don’t Know. April 28.

Script was there but no run through. everyone was raving at home for the Royal Wedding apart from that little girl in the bottom left hand corner.

May 5.

Yeah still no VTs. did a full run through without the  VTs or the actual cast thats not Media. I had fun, kept my calm for the most part. Had fun.

May 11

Still no VT. I laughed loads. Still had to rehearsals. We did good. Even managed a few recordings. Looked alright actually. Even the song had me going. The best bit was trying to direct a game of catch without a ball. Had lots of fun trying to sort that one out.


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