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Impact of different media. Assess

The impacts of doing your media on either a television production or on Prezi are very different. Prezi offers you  a new way of presenting things just like powerpoint does but more fun I would say. Tv is a very direct form of media. It doesn’t really rely too much input from the viewer. you can just sit there and enjoy and do very little to soak up the information. Prezi relies on the consumer going out and looking at peoples work and requires reading and clicking which means the viewer is more in touch of whats going on to that of tv. Tv is becoming even more widespread as it has gone onto the internet where you can watch videos and the consumer has more choice and our tv production was intended to be viewed on the internet also.

Both my prezi and tv production were based at children. I think it shows that this new generation have become so accustomed to technology that even at that age they can easily view our content. It shows that even different mediums can be based at the same age group and shows the wide variety that is out there.

With Youtube video variety is at its highest ever and the ever changing technological world gives so many mediums in which to produce in and all can be very effective to different people. By just using one medium you minimise your audience so the more mediums that you use the more chance that your productions will be viewed.


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