All about my University work

My Website Asses

When designing a website the first thing that needed to be decided was the layout. I used dreamweaver to help me with my design and they offered various templates that would make things easier for me. I chose  a 2 column fixed, left side bar header and footer layout. and looked something like this.

The Next thing that was needed was a background and I thought that I would make a few designs and then pick what I felt to be the best one. I wanted the design to be small and easily repeated so it wouldn’t almost appear as if It wasn’t meant to be there. The three designs I cam up with were.

From these I chose the red one as the background colour almosts allows the image to be endless as you don’t quite know where the image starts and finishes. Also when I made some margins from the top , bottom and sides of the page. Only 10 pixels but it makes it just that little bit more aesthetically pleasing.

I then added a little logo in the top left hand corner.

I linked the logo to another larger logo so when you clicked on it you could get a better look. A side bar was then needed to help people navigate themselves through the website. I made several little images and then just made the writing white so when you rolled over it it would change colour which makes navigating that little easier. When getting the image the right size to fit within the side bar it took a bit of trial and error, but as soon as that was done others could be added.

I also decided to make the website a little more fun and funky so I made a banner which would be on every page. With the title of the page protruding in front of it.

Why I chose the head of a goat? I don’t really know. I think it just makes it  a bit zany and fun. Also by using Dickie Dick Dick instead of Dicken makes it more casual and appears user friendly.

The website was now taking shape.


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